CFA cirriculum vs. Supplemental Material

Just curious if anyone could give me their opinion of solely using the CFA issued cirriculum versus using the Stalla or Schweser material. Is anyone using just the CFA issued cirriculum or is that a bad idea? Also, I’ve been out of school for 10yrs but i’m unhappy with my current career in Supply Chain Management and have decided to move to finance. I was checking the Stalla website out and one of the packages includes 18 - in-class sessions but the cost is roughly $1300 (includes all Stalla material as well) Could someone give me their opinion on the in-class experience and how beneficial would you consider it and the supplemental material that comes with it given my 10yrs of being out of the classroom. Thanks,

CFA books are fully comprensive and explain everything in details, however there are no enough exercises if you want to practice. On the other side, stalla or schweser books are more condensed (they also miss some LOS from the CFA material, however it is the 1% which is not really tested in the exam). If you have a finance background (at least uni) and you work full time (therefore not a lot of time for study), I think you should go for the stalla material. If you dont have any finance background, you should use CFA material for study and exercises with stalla or schweser, or you can combine both of them. At the end it is your choice. This is my opinion.

Given that you have been out of school for a number of years, I would definitely recommend the Stalla material. But you ABSOLUTELY have to read the study guide. The lectures are great for going over important topics and for retention, but everything is explained in a quick pace.