CFA Claritas as a CFA L2 Candidate

So my company offers registration in the CFA Claritas Program at no cost to us. I am a CFA L2 candidate and was curious if anyone else had completed the Claritas certificate after studying for L1 material? Just trying to estimate how much prep I should plan for, if any, as I have reviewed some of the practice exams and the material seems almost like dumbed-down L1 material. Any insight would be appreciated.


Not sure if serious

Haha, obviously I know this seems like a relatively moronic question, just curious if anyone was in the same boat and their opinion on the Claritas exam vs. L1.

Claritas is for sheep shaggers.

Do it. The muppets will assume you’re smart as you’ll have more paper on the wall.

^ That, and you can be the first person in the world to actually sign up for Claritas!

i told my friend to take it. he is switching careers and becoming a personal banker. i think it will help