CFA + CMT = value?

Any cfa charterholders also have CMT designation? Do you find this valuable in your current work/job prospects? What do you currently/hope to do? I’m looking to take Level 1 CMT in October and find technical analysis in general to be easy and enjoyable. Any thoughts?

Re: CFA + CMT = value? I think so . . . have you taken the CFA exams yet? I actually just received the CMT books today but don’t think I will be taking any more exams this year.

Just took Level 1 of the CFA on Saturday. Already read the Magee book for the CMT program, own the other 2 which I will begin. Level 1 CMT seems like a joke compared to the CFA. Level 2 and 3 a bit more difficult, but still nothing compared to CFA. Like I said above though, I enjoy tech anal way more than fund. Not to mention tech anal is responsible for all my trading profits.

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Gully1 is a few desks over from Mr. Toolbox aka Keys

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Lets take this question one at a time; CFA = value?