CFA coaching classes in Vashi / Navi Mumbai barring IMS Proschool

I’m having a tough time discovering a reputed CFA coaching class in Navi Mumbai. I know about the experiences others have had with IMS Proschool and am despairingly hunting for alternatives in Vashi.

I was lucky to pass the CFA level 1, notably where barely any of my IMS batchmates made it through. Proschool shifted their CFA Level 2 training to Andheri, but I wasn’t dumb to stay with them for my next level. Professors are newbies, coping with teaching.

Anyways, I guess we Navi Mumbaikars should become accustomed to traveling.

In Navi Mumbai: there are none. I catch this direct train from Vashi to Andheri. Shuttling to V_D Shah Andheri wasn’t a struggle, in fact, was worth it for the way Varshil taught. Later he formed those carpool groups (though we didn’t end up carpooling) nonetheless was great socializing with a group of local CFA candidates way back home.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks man !