CFA Collecting Exam Question Comments Exam Question Comments – Available for five days after exam day. If you believe that an exam question contained an error, please submit specific information. To submit a comment, follow these steps: 1.Click on the above link. 2.Enter your candidate number, test center code (PDF), level, session (a.m. or p.m.), question number. 3.Enter specific details to ensure appropriate follow-up measures in the comment field. Incomplete submissions may not be considered CFA Institute investigates all comments and complaints related to the exam content; however, you will not receive an individual response to your submission. We review the exam questions and answers, curriculum readings, and exam results related to each comment or complaint. Incomplete submissions may not be considered.

Question number!? Who can remember that !? But this looks good, do we know of any questions which were definitely erroneous?

I had the same thought. If my memory was good enough to remember the question details and the number, I wouldn’t have had trouble passing the test in the first place!

dude, i could barely remember the exam by the time that they were collecting them

If by erroneous you mean “designed to test skills other than the ability to understand the principles of financial analysis,” I can think of plenty