CFA Complete: What's Next?

Hi CFA Community,

Obtained my CFA and FRM designations within the last year. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been promoted 3 times (currently a Performance Analyst in a Top 10 firm). I’m interested in continuing to expand my skillset with something challenging that would be useful in the investment management side of our field. Toying with the idea of an MBA/Masters of Financial Engineering from a top program (if I’m lucky enough to get in). Any thoughts?


I’d focus on accumulating EXP. Get to Level 60.

Thanks for the recommendation but my paladin is already at the level cap.

In all seriousness, I understand that this might not be the right forum for the discussion. Sorry if it comes across as smug. I recall how hard it was to get through the CFA program. I do miss the challenge though, and it’s fun to be a resource in the workplace. I’m just looking for the most efficient way to continue to develop and help out our firm, clients, and society (aka become a bigger tool).

get laid player, enjoy life

Get a life. I’m dead serious.

youre too serious brah…take the company jet to vegas and let go

CAIA, it’s the new gold standard

Start networking and meeting people in your industry. You can thank me later.

Go for an excecutive MBA at your local college,network there

If you can get in in top school from MFE - go for it… but you really need solid math back ground, and i am not talking ‘I took calc 3 background’ but more like Linear Algebra - 2 semester, ODE, Calc 3, Intro to Prob (Calc based) etc.

Thanks for the feedback Comp_sci_kid. I don’t have that formal education but I work with that type of mathematics on a regular basis nowadays (e.g., I built a tool last year that uses statistical approaches to dynamically identify outliers for over 10 million data points). Granted, that’s in Excel and I’m pushing the limits of what the computer can handle using that framework. That’s why I’m trying to learn R as an alternative language.

Sounds like there’s some crossover in our education/careers. From the name and the forum, I’m assuming you’re aiming for a quant role?