CFA credited me the exam fee

Did this happen to anyone else here? I just checked my balance and saw CFA credited me the $640ish exam fee. Does that mean I got to sit in the exam for free or I got kicked out?

have heard of this 1 other time and they were booted from the program. j/k

It got worse. I just called the 434 number on CFA page to verify my registration. The agent said he is not allowed to tell me what the issue is, and he cannot futhur assist me. He asked me to email pcprogram. How weird!

you are going to write a history my friend

Uh, wtf? Is there any reason why they would not allow you to take the exam? Otherwise, maybe it’s a registration system problem? Mmm… weird.

Have you met all the eligibility requirements?

I think I need to log in and check my account! Keep us posted.

Have you fulfilled all the eligibility requirements?

I thought I passed I and II. But now I am not sure if anything has changed since last year when I checked the results. Is there anywhere I can review my old exam results?

PCP - professional conduct program - means you got dinged for some ethical violation

There was a post many days back… It sounds the same as the present scenario. His(L2 candidate) exam fee also was given back, the reason i remember was, during the application filling process, In the ethics related questions (yes o type) he mistook and clicked the wrong radio button which meant that he violated the code of conduct. He contacted the CFAI guys, don’t know what happened then.

So what happened to this? Inquiring minds need to know!!

have not heard back yet. I am thinking it is either an administrative mistake or I mischecked sth in the code statement. But the waiting is making me anxious.

I got the email today. It turns out I checked the wrong button. They reinstated my registration now.

You must be incredibly relieved!

It did make me go through some deep soul searching while waiting. I did not think I am significant enough to be caught in an industry violation. And I was certainly behaving in the exams. I was left in the la la land.