CFA Curriculum books shipping time to Aus?

Anyone know how long they take to ship the CFA curriclum books to Australia? I bought them on the 16th of April. Website doesn’t really give any any tracking information or whether they’ve shipped them or not.

I would assume it probably takes a while to get there. They don’t exactly rush deliver them even if you live in the states. I believe it generally takes 1 - 2 weeks to get them in the states. So, I would say 1 - 2 weeks would be the minimum time in AUS and perhaps longer than that if they’re being shipped from the US.

Thanks. I ended up getting an email from the Institute today: They shipped the the package today from Hong Kong and not from the US, (about 6 days since i paid), and i’ll supposdely get the books by the 28th. All good now!

The shipping time taken from states to Australia would be appx. 6-7 days. You can write at the customer service to the institute about the tracking link.