CFA Curriculum vs Kaplan

From experience, is it worth getting the Kaplan notes?

Or will the CFA Curric suffice?

I think in terms of text CFA Curric is fine, but i am guessing Kaplan comes into its own with the mathematical and technical analysis?!

Thanks for the help

(studying for June 2015)

Get the Schweser notes. I’m also studying for June 2015 but from what everyone says, the curriculum is very wordy and tedious to get through. Schweser gets right to the point and gives you everything you need to pass except for ethics. Go back to the curriculum for ethics studying.

I agree, get the Schweser notes. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they’re handsdown the best way to study. However, it also depends how you study. I can’t continually re-read a lot of dense text and hope that I’ll learn it, I need a few different resources and I like them to get to the point. So with Kaplan I have their books, quick notes, flashcards, etc and I learn much faster and actually enjoy it (as much as anyone can enjoy studying). However, I do also read the CFA books but after I’m comfortable with the Schweser material just to make sure they didn’t miss anything and for more rationale because I learn best when I can reason through something rather than just memorize something.

I used CFAI for L1 and L2 and found them both to be sufficient.

Using CFAI for L3 for June.

Schweser is good especially if you only have 3-4 months to review. But given the number of months till June’15, CFAI material is the way to go. It is long and wordy but for a reason.

Same here. I initially tried Schweser for L2 and found it to be crappy so switched back to CFAI.

Also, 4 months is enough time while using CFAI. It just depends on what you are willing to give up to achieve a goal.

I just downloaded the CFAI e books. it seems that total number of pages is almost same as Kaplan. i always thought that its much more. i got Kaplan notes anyway coz im used to them.

I did the math once, and concluded that Shwesser notes have about 45% or 50% of the number of words, compared to the official notes. If it takes you 3 months to work your way through the Shwesser notes, it may take you 6 months to finish the CFAI books.

Except that the extra wording is likely filler which doesn’t require the same amount of attention than the rest.

CFAI is enough for your exam no more reference needed.For june 2015 still had lot time to go through CFAI.Accept with wendy