CFA Dec-2014 experience

Hi everybody!

I am Quasar, and I work as an IT professional, at Pune, India. I and a friend studied together for CFA Level I. Our entire preparation was such a fulfilling experience. I have grown as a person. We’ve become more aware of the world around us, we stay abreast of the latest developments in the US economy, world events such as the oil supply glut, mergers and acquisitions! It was thrilling too - we’d often go to Starbucks or other places to study for inspiration. Its been a very exciting journey so far.

The December 2014 results are near, and I’ve got mixed feelings. When I took the December exams, my attempt was very decent. I couldn’t do well at Ethics though, I might score < 50% in that section. I would like to know from peers, charter-holders, if any past test-takers had similar results and they passed/did not pass.

Thanks in advance!


In the same boat. Sincerely, the exam was fair. I just hope I didn’t make stupid mistakes in other areas as well. Ethics seems tough for me. I hope I can manage to between 50% - 70%.

Honestly, I haven’t seen or heard if anybody scored <50% in the Ethics section and still manage to pass.

Whatever the case, you can’t change the it now. lets hope for the best.


There’s lots of people that got <50 in Ethics and still passed. It only makes up 15% (I think) of L1 so do the math. Obviously you have to make up for it in other areas if you do bad in Ethics but entirely possible. On the down side, there is the fabled ‘Ethics Adjustment’ in which test-takers on the borderline are put into the pass or fail bucket based on their Ethics score.

In any event, you probably did better than you think. On L1, I didn’t feel like I had done that well on Ethics but still got >70%.

Hmmmmmm! *Fingers crossed**

Hey guys, thanks a lot for your replies. My attempt was fair and I am happy with it - irrespective of the result. Yeah, I will just wait it out! So, the results would be e-mail’ed after 27th Jan, 09.00 AM ET, that’s like 7.30 PM local time in India. We friends have made a pact, we are gonna stay awake all night long! I heard from ex-test takers, that results are not e-mailed right away, but takes some time… Is that true?

I think i did fairly well in all subject area except FRA where i strongly believe i will socre <50. What is your perception of this, do i stand a good chance of passing? although in my excel calculation of people’s testimonies of their results, i realized i could pass, but will like to hear people’s opinion as well.

Seriously counting down to 27th, cant wait.

Already done with Level 2 FRA and Ethics, about moving to Quant and Econs, so i pray all these readings will not be in vain.

wish me luck guys…

@Jide, well, I havent heard or seen anyone who scored <50% in FRA and still manage to pass. checking out people’s testimonies of thier results as well, I havent come across any. The only one i have heard is between 51% - 70% and still passed which I presume its normal provided performance in all other areas were outstanding.

But not to panic, am sure alot of people are feeling the same way as the date draws closer and closer.

Am also feeling like I might get <50% in Ethics. sad

Lets just hope for the best. In a week time, we shall know our faith.

Goodluck guys!!!


lol…Yinka, i came acros up to like 3-4 recent result of people that scored <50 in FRA, and they still managed to pass, but based on my calculation, using the best case scenario, they performed well in other subject area where they scored >70.

Also, i observed that someone scored <50 in FRA, ECONS and ALT INV, and yet still manage to pass. What this means is that if the performance in other subject area is strong, it is likely to supplement the weak subject area.

Anyway, i am just trying to give myself some little bit of All is well, Cant wait for Next Week Tuesday…

I envy your ability to move on to the L2 Material. I can’t bring myself to put in the effort without knowing it won’t be in vain.

Good luck to all…

Yea, i understand you, it is the price to pay for Level 2. By the time the result is released and you get yourself back into the reading mood, January is gone, and you only have 4 months of preparation to do, i am just trying to give myself a lot of time to prepare in case i pass, that is why i started reading early, expecilally FRA because i knew that was the only weak link i had in Level 1, and the it has been awesome so far.

But i get your point sha, woth the point if eventually someone dint pass. I am just optimistic about my chances and not leaving any stone unturned.

Man, I envy your spirit and courage. Your points are valid but I dont know how you tend to concentrate on reading next level study kits bearing in mind the effect of the outcome of the previous level result. Optimisim I guess.

Wishing everyone the very best. Countdown to January 27.


On a side note…

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Hello out there. Can anyone advise me on which is the best study text to use for Level 1 and the length of time for preparation?

Thanks in advance.


Aner, i used the Schweser note, and as far as i am concerned, its effective. You have to be realistic in your study plan, as you have to choose a study pattern that suits you. But try to structure everyday reading plan of like 3-4 hours during the day and like 8-10hours for weekends, then you will be good. All in all, it will depend on you and the strategy that is feasible for you.