CFA Designation Awarded

Hello, I called CFAI a minute ago. They told me that they had mailed me the CFA designation awarding letter on 09/19. They also told me that the charter will be mailed out in December or January. They confirmed to me that I can use CFA designation now. FYI, I became a regular member early this year and passed this year’s Level III exam. Cheers!


well, this should be an interesting test of the USPS snail mail system - assuming all letters approving the designation were mailed out on the 19th… and nobody in this forum has received it?

I’m in NYC and haven’t received it yet.

I’m in NYC too. No letter yet. I’ll just wait until I receive the letter. I spent 21 months taking these damn exams and I guess I can wait another 3-5 days for the letter.