CFA designation-Portolio Accounting count?

Can the experience of working as a Senior Portfolio Accountant(Synthetics Port Mgt side) be eligible to earn a CFA designation?? Basically u need to understand derivative valuation methodologies and doing number balancing for bond FwDs, Currency FwDs, SWAPs and Collateral positions with counterparties?? Any CFA Candidate taking this role? what are the development prospects and exit route? I just want to make sure its eligible role for CFA designation? Thanks

If you word it right it could be. You might struggle with that though.

I did portfolio accounting and I’m probably not even going to bother submitting it. It would take far too much spinning to make it count.

nope. does not influence the investment decision process at all…it’s an “after-the-fact” position

damn i thought that for sure would have been applicable, I was hoping my current position might count but given the above i doubt it.

if auditor works: Acceptable: I performed financial statement audits of companies that carried significant assets and liabilities subject to fair value accounting. I assessed the reasonableness of the valuations and assumptions behind the valuations of those assets and liabilities. then why wouldnt portfolio accounting also work? im pretty confident you could spin it…

Like jcole21 said, if you word it correctly, you can. @builders, if auditors can attain the designation, portfolio accountants sure as hell can. edit - sorry, didn’t mean to repeat smilelygladhands. I hadn’t read what he wrote yet.

do they some how ding you if you submit something they decided will not go towards the work experience count? ie is there a penalty or a fee to have this assessment done ? if not then why not submit as much $hit as possible, they can pick and choose