CFA dues


can one decide not to pay or stop paying its cfa dues ?

then he does not have the right to use its designation anywhere ?

can he use it again if he resumes paying cfa dues ?

thank you

You should probably worry about this after completing level 3…and besides, the answers to your questions are in the books.

But you lov cfa?


Sounds like you need to study ethics. Especially the “use of the CFA designation” part.

yea… not sure why L1 candidate is worrying about it…

Yes. One can decide not to pay or to stop paying anything: CFA dues, credit card payments, rent, mortgage, whatever.

If you stop paying your credit card payments, do they let you continue to use your credit card?

If you stop paying your rent, do the let you continue to use your apartment?

If you stop paying your mortgage, do they let you continue to use your house?

That’s what I did, and I do.

You’re welcome.


More and more people are doing this.

LOL well done…

Yes , You have to keep paying your dues if you want to continue using your membership . Or continue using charterholder designation. That is part of every certification in the world . If you are a charterholder then you have to keep paying the annual dues for continuation etc.

Yeah, sometimes for a couple of years.

^Moreover, the government might force the big banks to “forgive” the mortgage that you didn’t pay.

But if you do pay your mortgage, then you get no forgiveness.

^ People underestimate how much governments step in during periods of crises. The disciplined, responsible people don’t get rewarded enough.

Since I put off having kids for years in order to get my financial house in order, my favorite is watching the government pay for other people’s kids. Just seems a little perverse. Someone is not having kids because they are trying to become secure enough to do so, yet, their money is going to pay for somebody else’s children. Of course, the children should be fed, but maybe they should take care of me in my old age instead of their biological parents.

^ A wise man once told me it never pays to be pessimistic or even realistic in life.