CFA Ebook without Registration (Authorized)


I have’nt yet registered for pursuing my exam, before it I wanted to have a look at the CFA curriculum.

I usually read on my Andriod Tablet, and wanted to know if and from where can I buy CFA curriculum Ebook for reading without registering with the CFAI.


There is no ebook version of the curriculum outside the shitty VitalShelf. Do yourself a favor and get the hardcopy (regardless of whether you are actually going to sit for the exam). You might find a charterholder who is willing to lend you his/her. You could call your local CFA society. They usually have libraries full of them. The curriculum, however, does change quite a bit from year to year, so get the most recent version.

I think we have 2012 CFA L1 books/notes in the library. Someone donated it.

Check Ebay for the hardcopies, someone always selling them…