CFA EOC problems vs. Schweser QBank

I keep getting conflicting answers on this everywhere so I wanted to hear the benefits and costs to both.

I am using CFA EOC and mock exams, not Qbank but thinking I should maybe purchase Qbank?


Qbank for lvl 2 is not as good as it was for L1.

Qbank does not have the vignette format. It would good early practice tho, like reading chapters or study sessions and practicing with Q bank.

I’m using Qbank right now and it does have the vignette format for about 1/3 of the question… the others are just normal and “easier”…

I like to answer as many questions as I can, so I like qbank in addition to EOC and other sources. Done about 35% of the qbank questions already and only started them a week ago. So clearly theres not enough!