CFA EOC Q's awful formatting = tempted to get Elan Practice Questions

I am currently finding that trudging through the CFA EOC questions is proving to be extremely dull due to the unappealing way they have formatted the books (very little spacing between lines, small margins etc.). This makes reading from a computer screen a very unenjoyable experience.

I used the Elan Guides Practice questions for level 1 and thought they were fantastic - great representation of the difficulty expected in the exam and very easy to sit and read.

Has anyone had any experience with Elan Practice Questions for for Level 2? If so, how do you feel they compared to the exam? Are they still as good a representation of the difficulty we can expect on the exam as they were for level 1?

Note: I’m not going to even bother with Schweser given how poor they were for level 1. The mocks were good for drilling the concepts during the last month though.