CFA EOC questions and Schwesers Concept checker

Hi all, I was just wondering is everybody doing Schweser’s concept checkers as well. I haven’t done any of them but just jumping to CFA EOC questions. Is it worth doing Schweser’s concept checkers as well? Thanks S

do it if you have time. If not, just do CFAI EOCQ

I just started book-5 and have not done any Schweser CC. Will do so after I am done reading the books and then would eventially move to EOCQ’s and practice exams.

I’m trying to do the Schweser CC’s for the readings in which there are no CFAI EOC’s. If I have down-time at work, I might do some additional.

I’ve only been doing the Schweser concept checkers, I did all of them. Are the CFAI questions significantly different? I never even looked at the CFAI books the first two levels and I was fine.

I’m doing the EOC questions b/c I think they are better practice for the real thing – kind of like the CFAI mock exams vs. Schweser practice exams. Plus, it helps to see what CFAI is emphasizing after only reading Schweser.