CFA equivalent

I have a question from those who have an undergrade degree in finance and have taken CFA exams. If we want to compare, can we say that level 2 is like having an undergrad degree in finance?

L1 for the most part, but probably not level 2, unless you took advanced courses outside the required courses.

You will probably learn more by the end of L2 than many grad programs.

from what i can tell completing L2 is equivalent of masters in finance…if not higher…

It’s a bit more complicated than that. University degrees have more depth than the CFA material, but the CFA covers many topics. For instance, if you major in Economics as an undergraduate, you will learn more about economics than you would from the CFA program. However, the CFA program covers topics that would be part of other academic majors.

The only way to “beat” the CFA Program then is to get a Masters in Economics, Masters in Finance, Masters in Accounting and then a Law Degree to top off Ethics.

The UK’S National Recognition Information Centre has benchmarked the CFA program:

imo, a CFA is equivalent to a masters degree in finance. nothing more. i have a masters degree in accounting and I find that this material covers barely 1/5th to 1/8th of everything you learn in a masters level accounting program. there is a lot of other major areas out there like tax accounting law, information systems and accounting, and managerial cost accounting, which are not covered (but also not relevant).