CFA ethics - resume

is it okay to say something like this, “passed level 1 in june 2009 and scored >70% in all level 1 topics” thanks

No one cares about all that or if you passed the level on your first try. Well, at least not on a resume…seems douchey. Just say you are a “CFA L2 Candidate” (assuming you are registered for L2) or that you passed “CFA L1 in June, 2009” You can discuss that info if it comes up in an interview.

I don’t know if it is against ethics, but the point of the P/F system is that there are no “scores”, so you really shouldn’t be putting that on there.

just attach a copy of your results to your resume. I justify that by saying I know a lot of people make false statements regarding their eligibility in the CFA program hence why i attached my results. this is the way to get your performance through without being a DB