CFA exam cancelled IST

Due to demonstrations in İstanbul you have cancelled the CFA exam in İstanbul.

Now hundreds of people are in a disadvantaged position. Many people I have talked to say that because number of people attended in İstanbul represents a low percentage of overall attendants through out the world (like 1% of total), CFA institute would not put effort and give an exam soon.

Ihope CFA dıon’t say ‘Ok guys sorry what has happened, but we can’t give you an exam soon, so See you next year” I hope they have a contincency plan for such situations…Because such things happens, you can’t guarantee it won’t happen again

Institute demands very high standards from invetment community with ethical and corporate governance stuff…I hope Institute will handle this problem by considering the mentioned rules it has established.

CFA Inst. please Just don’t treat us a bunch of pepole unfairly just because we are not in USA or in England and because we are few…

What? They didn’t provide an alternative testing location?


First, I hope you and all the other candidates in IST are safe and unharmed. I second your plea to allow all IST candidates to sit for a separate exam, so if anyone from CFAI is reading this forum, please respect the effort and dedication of those cadidates and allow them a fair shot to prove themselves.