CFA Exam Day - Nightmare

Pretty awesome dream last night.

  • Woke up late, almost missed time cutoff
  • Name on exam ticket was not mine, exam ticket had 10 different spellings for my full name but not my actual name
  • Passport expired the day of the exam - proctor unsure if acceptable (EOD of BOD expiration?) but let me in
  • 1 seat left at a desk with 3 people at it already
  • Went to the bathroom, came back and someone moved my stuff to the proctor’s desk, seat gone sat on floor and used near by bookcase to write out answers
  • Calculator barely working, dim numbers and slow calculations - forgot extra battery
  • Fitbit band still on, threw away during bathroom break

*breathes into brown paper bag

I’m setting two alarms, one with electricity and one with batteries.

wow you pretty much hit them all except maybe your car not starting

you forgot to include that one guy who has 12 boxes full of sharpened pencils, 3 calculators, and 2 screwdrivers and a box of replacement batteries and is dressed in a suit

lol… i had a nightmare few weeks ago…

I carried everything in a clear ziplock bag. and realized it wasn’t allowed after I started writing exam… no ziplock bag this time.

Also everytime someone asks me if they can use my pencil or share watch etc… I don’t like that they talk to me during the exam… risky…

How about a real-life nightmare:

For level II I was waiting in my car for the line to get shorter to head in. I got out, ready to go. Realized I did not have my pencil.

Reach for my keys. Not there.

Looked in my car and saw my cell phone, pencil, calculator, and keys on the seat.

So I frantically start asking people for their cell phone so I can call AAA. Nobody has one cause they all left it in the car. Finally one guy (who I will never forget his kindness) says hey, I will walk back to my car with you and you can use my phone. I use his phone and he lends me his extra calculator.

I passed and I hope he did too. I would have broken out my car window, no question. The $300 to replace it would have been worth it.