CFA Exam fees

I have registered for Dec 2008 Level 1 exam by paying $1078. If i decide to not to take the exam, can i cancel my registration and get back the fees i paid. If so, whats the process to get back the fees.

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Did you not read anything when you registered? Go to the “My Account” portion of the CFAI page and read the FAQ.

Yes, they will refund you the cash within 24 hours of notifying them, plus any interest accrued, compounded daily.

however interest the pay is mere 20% …

FAQ says : Once you submit your application for the CFA Program, your enrollment and registration fees are nonrefundable. Also, enrollment and registration fees may not be transferred from one applicant/candidate to another applicant/candidate, or from one exam offering to another. Sorry thiru_iimb

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