CFA exam format

Hi guys Is the actual CFA exam format divided by each topic area or are some topics aggregated with others. I just took a mock today and it seemed to aggregate topics like FRA + CF. Could somebody please clear this up for me? Thank you


Several people on af have mentioned that they are divided into topic areas so basically ethics, quant, econ, fsa, cf, equity, fi, pm, der, and ai…My sample mocks have it devided, i haven’t come across any mock that aggregated.

The actual CFA exam is divided according to topic area and in the exact order of volume. So first section is ethics,then quant then econ and so on. Btw which mock aggregated topics?

the Boston mocks aggregated certain topics. FRA+CF was together, FI, Derivatives, AI were together and etc. It really sucked and threw me off for some reason