CFA exam frequency

So, I was just talking with one of my pals ya? He told me a crazy rumor - that soon level 2 & 3 will be offered multiple times a year.

were going to stand up, revolt, and overthrow the institute if this happens right? Because I did not waste the best years of my career crammed in a damn library wasting away while my friends are all out drinking atop rooftop bars for them to go change the frequency around on me.

Low key, I’m a little triggered at even the thought of this happening. I need a safe space.

t heyll probably still let candidates to take it only once a year.

how many rooftop bars you hitting up in Jan-May?

The summer/fall is the best time to not have to deal with the CFA.

Denver get more than 300 days of sunlight a year. I kid you not there were days this January where I went outside in shorts and flip flops.

I always thought it was stupid that we all had to take it at the same time. I didn’t want to be seen with a bunch of nerds

Basically CEO10K is saying…If sunny and warm January days in Denver is the price we have to pay for global warming…then don’t mind me if I leave the car running.

Well, sounds more and more like I’m going to hop on the Denver band-wagon.