CFA Exam Historical Pass Rate

Most of us already know these numbers. Hey, show this page to your spouse, future employer, or nagging girl friend. Picture worth more than words, probably they can understand how hard passing these CFA exams are?

wow L1 is going down everyyear. I hope the trend for L2 and L3 continues (trending up for few years before it dips)

Am I reading this correctly? 16-ish% pass rate for level 1? That’s not right.

The header on that site’s homepage reads “Explore the Unknown”; maybe they should change it to “Explore the Untrue”.

Good catch, I forgot add December passed Here are the totals: 2008 June Appeared: 44,063 Passed: 15,311 December: Appeared: 49,794 Passed: 17,428 (approx) Totals Pass level 1 was ; 32,739 (35 %). I will fix it. Thanks for heads up.

Made the corrections. Feel free to download the stats: