CFA exam prep videos FREE!

Got an email about this today! ENJOY and good luck my ninjas! -FINANCE DUDE

awesome! will use this every day!

What email?

I need all the help right now, where did you say this link was?

Finance Dude, what email and where? please let us know where we can access this information. thanks.

they’re on youtube!

sorry, that was weird of me, I must have been so excited about it I forgot to give the URL. haha. Good luck.


Are these any good??..I started watching one and it was like my mother was reading my CFA textbook to me!..

I have to admit that the price is right. Having spent $0.00 on the vids it is value for money. I am not sure that I would cough up hard cash for the entire series though.

lol watch CFA Exam Prep: Level 1 Ratios and Earnings per Share she subtracts wrong. hahahaaha