CFA Exam Prep

Hello, I’ve been away from this forum for a while preparing for my GMAT. Now that I’m done with it, I’m looking to register for CFA L2. :slight_smile:

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on that? I did L1 with Schweser, but am now debating between Schweser and Elan Guides. Thank you!

I used the CFAI Textbooks and the Schweser Mock Exams.

I used Elan for Level I and Level II and both time after ditching the free schweser notes that i got from a friend. Elan is better. They did a tremendous job in explaining the difficult concepts of Pension, Economics and Fixed Income for June 2013.

Btw what score you got in GMAT and with how many hours of prep?

I used Schweser and it worked for me but i don’t know anything about Elan though so probably should take other people’s advise.

But i think it’s best to just stick to one that you are used to (language wise) because i am sure people have passed using both providers.