CFA Exam Registration Fee Discount

Hi, I heard that there are some coupon codes available that might be used to get a discount on exam fees. Anyone have any idea??

I think you are mistaken for Stalla. I really can’t see CFAI giving out coupons or discounts. It’s not part of their make-up. They do have their stepped-up fees after deadlines and these apply to EVERYONE!

So how long have your been this cheap? Pay the $600 bucks

nimrod, indeed there is a coupon code for $50 off. however i can’t tell you what it is or post it here as the code is given by the cfai to certain individuals only. if you didn’t get one the best thing is to call cfai and ask for it if you qualify.

I guess the fact some people get reimbursed makes CFAI keep their prices high

CFA is not that expensive when you compare it with MBA…or some other designations.

There is a $50 discount for re-takers…