CFA examine ticket for june 2010 available?

Not sure if CFA examine ticket for June 2010 is available online? I did not find it. Any comment?

i guess it is not available yet. didnt even get email from CFAI about it

Not yet. CFAI seems to have turned very unprofessional this year. While I recd my books in India within 4 days ( like L-1), their site wasn’t updated and now this. EDIT - Did anyone download the Mock papers? I can’t see a link to download them, but then I haven’t given the sample yet.

Got an email about it this morning saying that the exam ticket and the mock exams are delayed. They will follow-up with another email once the ticket and exams are available.

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WHAT exactly is up with CFAI and stalla this year!! Why dont they postpone the exam a week as well :stuck_out_tongue: (someone underconfident like me will be happy with the extra time)