CFA Experience (Actuarial Premium Pricing)

Hi All,

I finally managed to get the required work experience for membership, but I am a little worried if my experience will be approved.

I primarily work in actuarial sciences where I manage premium requirements for fixed-term policies. These premium have an impact on the cash needed (funded by long-term liabilities) to fund a business trust setup to pay for future policy losses; and is also re-insured by our insuring agency.

The trust is also restricted to shorter-term investments and hence my recommendations also have an impact on funds available for other investments.

The company I work for is not an asset management/insurance firm. What are my chances on getting approved?

Any help would be really greatly appreciated. Thank You

Look at example 3. :+1:

Old actuary here: Is the trust explicitly forbidden from going longer-term? There’s a reason why lifecos and pension funds are big investors in long-term bonds. :grimacing:

Thank you breadmaker. The policies in the trust are shorter duration (90% are less than 5 years, 10% are lifetime)