CFA Experience


I have passed all three levels of the CFA exam. I have been working as buy side anlayst for the last 37 months… Before that I worked as a Senior Accountant for seven months. My question is will my accounting experience qualify for CFA charter application? I can’t wait to get my charter and want to apply as soon as I have just enough experience. I was responsible for month end closing, balance sheet reconciliations etc during my accounting job.


You’ll have to wait. BTW- how did you misspell “Accountant” like that?


Thanks. I spilled coffee on my keyboard and now it is acting up :s

is 37 months more than 3 years and 1 month?

Depends if it’s additive or multiplicative.

I think CFAI counts accounting experience only if it’s “client-facing”, as in public accounting, but you should confirm by emailing CFAI.

Also, in terms of accounting did your work effect investment decisions for your company or outsiders?