For some reason I only got it yesterday evening. Up until now I’ve been as chilled out as Fonzy from Happy Days. Today I have probably posted 20 times so far, that is like 50% of all my AF lifetime posts. I think it has to do w/ my crap Book7 scores. Anyways I needed the fever to pull me through!!!

Join the crowd, you will get over it when you are done with Level III.

I have a fever… and the only cure is more cowbell.

lol. bud, i was thinking that EXACTLY.

I was on the bus today to pick up a suit for a stupid wedding I’m going to that wipes out next weekend (Grrrr!!!). Anyway, at the side of the road there’s this guy walking along counting with his fingers and talking to himself. Ordinarily I’d dismiss this as just another nutter, but on my way to get takeaway tonight I was doing exactly the same thing. While they prepared my food I paced up and down outside going through the fraud triangle. After a few minutes I remembered that I don’t smoke (anymore) and went back in. Anyone want some leftover SaChun Chicken?

allépourpêcher - That’s hilarious. I normally take 10 minute showers but was in there for 40 min last night going over ERAT, depreciation recapture CFAT rules and calculations and drawing flow charts on the steamed shower door to fit it all together. I know you must be shocked but I still manage to bathe…on occation

This exam literally made me sick today. I had to go home and now I feel bad cuz I can’t even bring myself to study!