CFA Final Month

Hello guys,

I am registered for the December 1, 2012 CFA 1 examination.

So far, I have completed the reading schwezer notes and all the EOC questions in schwezer + some questions around 100 questions each of Quant and FRA from the Schwezer QBank - intermediate and advanced (scored 60% in both). I have also made a formula sheet from all the chapters I have read.

My question is, what should I do now? Undoubtedly I have forgotten quite a lot of the stuff I have read, so should I go through the schwezer notes once again or should I just start doing practise questions (if so, how many per day).

19th-29th november I have college exams so I can dedicate only 3-4 hrs per day during those 10 days.

Any help is appreciated.


Mock exams! Do one, then go back and review the areas you are struggling with. Repeat!

Too late to read the entire stuff again. Use your time practicing using mocks and Qbank. You can go back in the books if really you do not understand something, but do not go back to read entire chapters.

Take 5 days, 120 questions a day. Each day, 3x 40q Qbank hard quizzes focused on that days book

After that, write a mock.

At this point you should know where your weak points extend beyond just application, so go back to the notes/EOC’s/whatever for a day or two, then come back to another mock or short quiz or something.

Rinse & repeat

53% in CFA Ethics (Advanced). Guess that’s not very good X_X