CFA + Flatmate

CFA + Flatmate - yep sounds random but taking my chances anyway, so here goes!! - I live in London and work in Canary Wharf for a ibank which has been in the news lately. I am renting and need to move out from where I live as the flat is being sold! Hence, I am looking to move with like minded people given I’ll be working towards my L1 or hopefully L2 in June - hence thought I’d try my luck here!! If any of you guys from London are moving or looking for newer pastures - please send me an email/call number below and we can look together! I believe looking together say for a 2 bd flat with like minded people is much easier and hopefully fruitful than ending up with someone completely random! My mobile - +447843009567 thanks!

I’m planning on looking for a place come March. I’m hoping to live in the Shoreditch area so I can walk to work. I’m also hoping to live next to a gym to counter the ballooning belly effect of excessive CFA studying.

thanks Freakshow, I know exactly what you mean by the ballooning effect! been trying to hit the gym regularly… I am looking to move out by end of Feb, so might be a possibility. have you got a place in mind already? give us a shout, cheers

Hi, I totally forgot about this thread! Sorry. To be honest, I was just planning on searching Gumtree for flatshares around the time I planned to transfer. I’m on a fairly tight budget as I am a recent graduate and not working in the industry. I would like to be in Islington, but it is a little out of my price range so that is why I am considering Shoreditch.