CFA for marketing

I know a girl that work in investment sales and marketing and have a CFA. She used to work for GS as a trading assistant. Does CFA is a also a ticket to get into investment product marketing? Or a MBA in marketing is still needed in this case?

A CFA could help in marketing. The marketing ‘mix’ utilizes the four P’s - I bet a CFA charter could help with Price mostly and then Placement as well, but I am not in the marketing business and would think there would not be too many charterholders running around, unless it is internal marketing for a financial-type firm or a bank. Product -An object or a service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of units. A typical example of a mass produced service is the hotel industry. A less obvious but ubiquitous mass produced service is a computer operating system. Typical examples of a mass produced objects are the motor car and the disposable razor. Price – The price is the amount a customer pays for the product. It is determined by a number of factors including market share, competition, material costs, product identity and the customer’s perceived value of the product. The business may increase or decrease the price of product if other stores have the same product. Place – Place represents the location where a product can be purchased. It is often referred to as the distribution channel. It can include any physical store as well as virtual stores on the Internet. Promotion – Promotion represents all of the communications that a marketer may use in the marketplace. Promotion has four distinct elements - advertising, public relations, word of mouth and point of sale. A certain amount of crossover occurs when promotion uses the four principal elements together, which is common in film promotion. Advertising covers any communication that is paid for, from television and cinema commercials, radio and Internet adverts through print media and billboards. One of the most notable means of promotion today is the Promotional Product, as in useful items distributed to targeted audiences with no obligation attached. This category has grown each year for the past decade while most other forms have suffered. It is the only form of advertising that targets all five senses and has the recipient thanking the giver. Public relations are where the communication is not directly paid for and includes press releases, sponsorship deals, exhibitions, conferences, seminars or trade fairs and events. Word of mouth is any apparently informal communication about the product by ordinary individuals, satisfied customers or people specifically engaged to create word of mouth momentum. Sales staff often plays an important role in word of mouth and Public Relations (see Product above).

I suppose if you are marketing to institutional clients, the CFA could help you understand better the whats and whys of what your clients are looking for. You might also be in a better position to spot trends for products that clients might be wanting in the future and therefore jump-start the process of developing them.

stupid, This is the second “can the CFA get you a job in ____” post today. Take a break bud.

Sorry. I am a bit desperate to convince myself to continue this CFA thing given the market condition.

I know CFAs in marketing, too. you dont need the MBA to get in IF you have contacts (that is pretty much obvious)…most people get the MBA to a network 2. career switch 3. get the skills needed. if you dont need any of thoese listed items, skip school and save yourself 80G