CFA for Non financial backgroud

Hi, I am interested in pursuing CFA exam but I dont have finance background.Can I prepare for CFA June 2009 exam if I apply now and devote 10 hrs weekly.On internet I have got totally contrasting views on this so thought about asking you all. Thanks.

Yes you can. I’d recommend you increase your hours to 15 a week in March and 20 a week in April. I have no financial background, I started mid-January, did 20 hours per week and passed L1 June, so its quite possible.

yes, very doable, if you really stick to a study plan… You may know all this, but…just make sure that the CFA is right for you. some people think it is a ticket into “finance” and an escape from their current job / career path. CFA can help open doors, but without relevant experience it is unlikely to actaully get you a job. Also, be aware that there is a pretty stringent work requirement (4 years) to be able to use the designation (once you have passed all levels). In any event, good luck.