CFA for Strategic Planning

Hi all, I have completed my CFA Level 1 in 2005 but didnt continue the exams because i wanted to pursue a Masters in Applied Finance then. Since, i have deliberated between a masters or cfa but still cldnt decide. I worked in a corporate finance boutique and moved recently to a strategic planning role in a primary resources firm where I am involved in corporate financing activities for the company for e.g., divestures of company’s assets, valuation of acq targets, bond financing and so forth. I have a strong undergrad degree (3.7/4 GPA) in Business Administration (Finance) and have slightly more than 3 years working experience. So i wonder if a CFA or Masters will be more helpful in my career development (my goal is to continue working in corporate development roles such as the one i’m in now). Note that i prob can only afford a part-time masters program due to personal issues and i’m nearing my 30s, so plenty of opp costs involved if i leave my job for full time studies. Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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I worked in a strategic planning role for awhile and found that CFA knowledge on topics such as industry analysis, M&A, and understanding how accounting will impact the financials/ratios was very useful to the group.