CFA Formula Sheet

Anyone could share with me a formula sheet please for this level? Heard some people mentioning CFA Formula sheet (as in from CFA itself) but don’t seem to find it in my Resources section in the website.
Happy with any formula sheet that you think is good.
Really really appreciate it

I have a free formula sheet I posted on LinkedIn. Download version 1.1


Hi Fabian! Thanks a million for the formula sheet! I downloaded the sheet but am unable to print it.

Fab! thanks a lot

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No problem!

You’re welcome!

I disabled printing. Go green!

You can save it for viewing on your phone/tablet/computer

Got it - thanks for letting me know :+1:

formula sheet is golden by the way. Really surprised it included the smoothing, unsmoothing, and variance for the unsmoothed returns. It was driving me insane others were leaving out so many equations.

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No problem! :sunglasses: