CFA forum vs CAIA forum

Did anyone else notice that the CFA forum posts seem more intelligent than the CAIA posts? Hmm…

An excellent sample size too to go with an excellent observation. ~650,000 posts in the CFA forum vs. ~65 posts in the CAIA forum.

Good point Sublimity. I wonder if Chad paid some people to post on the CAIA forum to get it launched.

Give it some time. Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

And here is another intelligent post to an intelligent topic. Nothing personal.

Way to demonstrate the Heisenberg principle - by posting an unintelligent comment on the CFA forum, you erased any difference between the intelligence of posts on the two forums. Bravo.

haha…you guys are so funny… seriously guys… life is so much easier when one has a sense of humor. it can be cultivated. work on it.