CFA Free sample exam

I just took the 30 question one. What a waste. I scored a 63% = fail But what a pain to have to do it on the screen I read about half of each question and guessed most of calculation answers.

“guessed most of calculation answers.”?? not bad performance… about to do it tomorrow, not 100% ready, but it’s time to know my weakness…

after you take it, can you go back and review it ?

No, they give some stupid review sheet,i.e. answers and ss reference, no questions. But the thing that ticks me off is that if you finish early you should be able to go back and look at the questions again. I finished with like 40 minutes left but you cannot go back, I know they already graded them but I wanted to read them again. Anyhow don’t feel too bad MGG I got a 63 too and was ticked off. Its unbelivable that people put in 200-400+ hours and we still cant score high. It wasn’t so bad though just some stupid mistakes and weird questions. And o yea the screen thing is a pain in the a**.

60%- Fail. got lazy on a few so I just guessed. I kind of enjoyed taking it though. I’m wondering if I should pay for another.