CFA + FRM + CAIA = ?

I am curious, how much value does FRM and CAIA add on top of CFA?


it may show employers that you are collecting certificates only. One designation + CFA is enough

CFA >>>>>>>>>>>> FRM >> CAIA >>> CIPM

CFA + FRM + CAIA= Confusion


Hey there are many more. It’s just on AF that there are 3 main tabs.

There will always be someone who has more certificates, who is better and smarter than you.

So you are a loser! Think of a hacksaw now, get the planet rid of your loser genes.

CFA + FRM + CAIA = MARCIA, CAFF ( Marcia Gibbs, is CAFF ’s Biological Farming program director)

I wouldn’t bother with CAIA - unless you want to be a marketer.

Interesting! Life isn’t about certificates. In the pond, there will be plenty fishes. A super guy goes for the biggest fish in the ocean and flaunts it to the world. Others may catch plenty smaller fishes, but they will never be rated as the one who got the big fish.

Long and short…in your profession, find the biggest (most respected) certification and that should be it.

Unless your Asian, this is a waste of time.

Yeah definitely a waste of time and overkil. Maybe two certifications max. Have the CFA as your main certification and then something in a niche area like a CTP or something (but only if that is an area you work in). I would maybe consider the PRM because after you are a charterholder you can bypass the first two exams I believe. Maybe LIFA as well because you can move right to the third exam at your own choice, though I have no clue how much credibility the certification will have as it is relatively new. Unless it is something that won’t take a substantial time commitment or relates to what you do on a day to day basis, I wouldn’t bother with it.

I’m a caia charter holder and most like soon to be cfa charter holder. Almost definitely a waste of time.

Focus your time on building your own business and earning the mega pay, instead of reading and reading; only to slave away for one business owner, and end up a miserable pensioner.

= have no idea how the real world works; spends free time passing tests instead of doing something valuable with his time

Simple, CFA + FRM + CAIA = George W. Bush

cfa is good enough. i saw many caia chartholders in the fof industry. if you are interested in this route go for it.

Salary(3 charters) < sum (Salary(CFA), Salary(CAIA), Salary (FRM) ) --> lession: get max 2 of them.

Honestly though, at some point, don’t people want to learn something different?

I just don’t understand why people will spend their life studying for programs so similar. It’s one thing that they need it for work but it’s another that you need diversity of skills to be a COMPETENT CANDIDATE.

If you spend so much time and money on all those letters, you may as well start a business, work for yourself and build a business gut!

Why work for somebody else who is unlikely to have all those credentials? and who would ask for all those credentials anyway???