CFA & FRM in 24 months

Hi All,

If I get good news for my CFA L1 on 22nd Jan I’ll sign up almost immediately for the L2 exams. After level 2 exam and before my results come out I will also sign up for FRM L1.

Do you know anyone who has done this or has managed to complete both CFA and FRM in 2 years?

See the thread called “Alphabet Soup”. Might make you change your mind about trying to do too much to quickly.

/\ read it…I don’t consider FRM and a CFA alphabet soup. I would like to pursue the FRM because I currently working in a risk management role. I’m also doing the CFA because a few of my colleagues have it…

I’m just curious if you know of people who have managed to get both within 24months.

I personally know of nobody. And I would highly caution you not to try. You have no idea how much your world will turn upside down while trying to conquer Level 2 and 3 of the CFA. Level 2 is a whole different ballgame from Level 1. And Level 3 is more difficult still.

Better that you focus on one and conquer it than to try both and fail.