CFA Fundamental book by Bruce Kuhlman?

Hi all, I have just started my research on CFA certification and have bought the book CFA Fundamental by Bruce Kuhlman. Is it recommended to take CFA I exam by only studying this book? Thanks, Payam

How intensive are Schweser’s notes in terms of pages, etc.? Is the CFA fundamental only an intro to all the exam topics or does it cover more ground than that? Thanks in advance, Payam

That book will just get you started and is meant to cover fundamental stuff. It’s not even directed at the LOS which are the foundations of your studying. I suspect that the way to use that book is to use it in conjunction with more directed study materials and use it when the more directed study materials are confusing because your background is inadequate.

Payam, I had used this book as a review before starting CFA Level 1, to bring me up to speed as it has been a while since I was in school and did things like probabilities, price elasticity, etc…and it was fine for that. But it is not near the equivalent of the curriculum.