CFA, good idea for an engineer?


I am 38 years old and i have a master’s degree in computer engineering. I have 15 years experience in the financial field in banks, financial software editor and family office. I am thinking about sitting for CFA (at least level 1). I think it is too late for December session (Even if i pass level 1, i think 6 months is not enough for level 2).

Do you think it can help me to find opportunities for my career development, and why not to find a job more in relation with the business?

I already have skills on financial instruments, market organization, performance calculations, …

Ur in computer engineering… you’ve chosen your field and subject and career. It’s too late to change it.

If you want to L1 coz ur interested in finance, then give it a go! However for a career change its a no no

Yes i am in computer engineering (head of little team), but dedicated to business (providing report, decision tools, return calculation, data control …)

So you think once you have taken a way, you have to stay 100% in this way? I will probably never be Head of investment, but perhaps i have a chance to find a place under CIO and nomore under COO.

If you have some finance background, Dec L1 to June L2 should be very doable for you.

Passing level 1 will improve your general knowledge of finance. It will not do much to open career opportunities. Unless by a career change you’re looking to do basic research and spreadsheet modeling like a 22 year old entry-level analyst.

Thank you for your straight answers.

I am going to negotiate the costs with my company.

A friend of mine with BS and MS in computer science and worked at Google for 10 years. He knows a lot of the tech industry and their lingo. He joined a fund focusing tech companies in the SF area. No CFA. Just networked and he learned how to model on his own… Modeling is the easy part. Knowing the company and sector is the hard part and more important than plugging in numbers and assumptions and have DCF model…

anything is possible. you gotta sell yourself

“you gotta sell yourself”

This could be misconstrued.

oh boy here we go

ohai is right

always be closing

Respectfully, that’s absurd.

Many people, including yours truly, change careers after many, many years.

You’re simply wrong.

I think people like to see contrast on CVs, the wider the better, meaning if you studied literature and passed three levels of CFA, they’d be thoroughly impressed. Having CFA on CV I think widen your career opportunities and shows your intellectual agility.

However, I don’t think it’s easy to switch to pure finance/investment banking type of job for you. Banks would just go for some young fresh graduate.