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I have gained almost 10lbs in last two months due to lack of exercise and diet control. (Otherwise, I am a happy and energetic guy.) Out of curiosity, recently I went to a doctor and have my blood tested. Guess what, my cholesterol and blood glucose levels shoot up to the roof and no where near the normal levels. Man, what a tragedy this exam brought to me. Lots of workout planned in the coming days/months.

I took the level 1 back in December and the CFA had the opposite effect on me. I used the gym as an outlet to relief stress and take my mind off the exam. I had more energy and felt refreshed after a workout. I passed the exam and my body is an athletic speciman:)

i’ve gained, no kidding, over 40 lbs. since i began level 1. and i’m not tall. since the test. 2 weeks ago, i’ve already dropped 7 of it by eating better and running again. but i’ll probably gain it all back when i restart studying (or if i find out i failed and start eating ice cream out of a tub like a fat girl on prom night) … happened last year too. people talk about the mental toll this test takes on people… the physical toll is real. at least for me.

Gaining 10 lbs isn’t a “tragedy” and you have figured out about the cholesterol and glucose. Working out in Vegas in the summertime isn’t much fun (though I rode my bike from Vegas to Lone Pine in June once) but a few weekends of hiking in the Sierras ought to straighten it out. You’ll be good as new in no time.

my fitness actually improved during the last 2 months of the prep. i restarted my running with an aim to run a half marathon by the results are out. things are on track. i also can now fit into my pre CFA L1 jeans.!

Last year when I did level 2 I was able to keep my workouts going right through and it really helped alot. My biggest regret this year was I wasn’t able to keep up with everything so going to the gym was out, and I gained 20 pounds and am seriously out of shape. Now that the exam is done, I’ve either been to the gym or gone for a run every day since. It absolutely sucks starting from square one again. Last fall I was doing 10 mile trail runs, now I can’t do 3 miles on flat without sucking wind and having to take a break. It will come back, probably quicker than I think, but man is it frustrating.

same situation here. I like to lift and run. I think I added about 1.5 minutes to my mile time and I have lost over 80lbs on my bench press. From my experience it isn’t like starting from square one at all, it comes back very quickly once you get back into it. The hardest part for me is breaking all of the bad eating habits i acquired.

Just got home from a pre-work gym… really trying to get back into the swing of things, heading to Vegas late July. I’m in a similar boat as you Dapper, down about 50 on bench and struggling to find my legs for cardio.

schuurmer Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I took the level 1 back in December and the CFA > had the opposite effect on me. I used the gym as > an outlet to relief stress and take my mind off > the exam. I had more energy and felt refreshed > after a workout. I passed the exam and my body is > an athletic speciman:) Totally agree. I actually worked out more as the exam approached. Cleared my mind and gave me energy while I studied. Healthy body healthy mind…cliche but most definitely true. I think I’ve lost about ten pounds during the last two months. NYC marathon Nov. 2nd Baby!!!

Last year, I went on a diet for the summer and was running over 10 miles a day, eating Salads, and gave up my weekday wine. I got in great shape and passed level 1. This year I kept the wine, ate real food, kept up running but not as much. My project his summer is to lose weight and get rid of my pre-hypertension blood pressure that I got this spring. I don’t know if it was all the studying but i’m not sure how you study for 11-12 hours a day (during final week) without some pressure in your blood.

i lost 10lbs due to CFA studies… on coffee for every meal. gained it all right back after the test…

I had to drop dinner on my timetable to keep me awake for longer reading hours. It helped me tremedously for the CFA programme. On the good side, I am ok with fruit salads every evening. On the other side, I have to get something to eat as early in the morning as possible. I had to abandon my daily 60-going-to-hundred-pushups towards the last exam to reduce the thirst and hunger too early in the morning…now I’m reluctant to continue those push-up exercises…

How is this possible?..I went to the doctor for a checkup a few weeks ago and when I weighed, I has lost 10 lbs. I was surprised because I had not been trying to lose weight but I chalked it up to skipping a few meals while studying for LII. My pants had seemed to be fitting a little looser. During the checkup, they tested my cholesteral and it turned out to be 239. Apparently this is pretty high for someone my age (or anybody for that matter). How could is it possible to lose 10 pounds and have such high cholesteral? I don’t think the cholesteral was high to begin with. Well, i don’t want to have a heart attack before the age of 30, so I have started eating better and exercising. I am having it tested again in August. Health risks aside, I would prefer success on LII to the cholesteral test.

Note to self: after taking large amounts of time off from gym, don’t try to be a hero. Signed, Sick as hell.