CFA helpful for a career in academics ?


do u feel CFA will help for a career in academics ?

probably helps,

but why?

Wanna teach in top notch schools in india- Finance one day smiley

I think that becoming a charterholder would certainly boost your credibility as a professor. Many of your students will be preparimg for or planning to take the exams, so having gone through the process before, you will provide additional value to them. The world needs better teachers!

Thanks Bubbaburst yeah in India only 9 chartholders are there in academics.


Vicky I’m with you on this sense - I always pictured my pre-retirement would be teaching. Here in the states you are essentially required to have a PhD (my bro just went through this process and its def taxing).

Yeah Phd is necessary. But in Phd your knowledge enhancement in a specfic area. CFA will first boost up knowledge to a great level ? Can earn respect among students and seniors professors ?

Having the CFA designation can only help for a teaching career.

A good friend of mine recently landed a teaching position at one of the local state universities. She doesn’t have a PhD, but has her charter; that’s what did it for her. (And the fact that she’s a great teacher.)

s200 thanks sir for the motivation

CFA surely helps clearing concepts like no other course can

CFA rocks , Chartholders rock


Usually I get demoted to S200 (from S200_ 0 _) only when I make a mistake.


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I dont know whether it helps teaching , certainly it wont help much to get a PhD Finance admission in a decent US finance program , perhaps coupled with industry exp and CFA might help you teach, but CFA wont help in academic research , considering the thrust on research even in India Universities might prefer PhDs with research experience rather than CFA alone. My 2 cents.

I wonder what kind of admission’s system would place any merit to a certification that avoids calculus like the plague. The CFA charter is extremely demanding but, in my opinion, not in the way a research position requires.

It is certainly not bad to have (assuming no weird prejudices against it amongst academics) but, unless it is coupled with industry experience and the university requires a practitioner for its purposes I would assume its value is marginal.

Oh chalo it will help get some respect if nothing else

It is encouraging what you said up there but i have a question : i am now confused. My question is now that i want a business related subject in my ph.d so which one of them i should do and cfa or mba and cfa. Which will help me more in career in academics?
Also if i do cfa and study for academics and work in academics how would i get the cfa charterholder certificate you know ,because it requires work in field.
Please answer