Cfa here, cfa there, cfa everywhere!

so back in the day i thought getting the cfa was the ultimate goal for me. Now that I’ve achieved it, it feels more and more like the ”standard”. It feels almost like everyone has it. Is it just me or has it become more popular?

10k and 120mph please opinine how you have dominated the exam like no other?

Shut up Cod and shut up!

@cod : go to actuary exam then, like i did now.

i work in a Big Four firm and i agree that it is a common thing when you are in the transaction advisory line

There are about 160,000 CFAs in the world…so maybe you got a bad sample. It does feel sometimes like there are 1 million people out here claiming to be CFAs…

What’s your member number again?

I need to report two improper uses of the initialism “CFA”.

Mind you all, Magician brings up nrew shows every Friday. Works up AF every second, hobnobs with the NASA every quarter and occasionally teaches English and it’s grammar at Princeton… That is when he is a little free from grading L3 candidates. You make the rest of it now.

You did that deliberately, didn’t you?

So there I was, taking the level 3 CFA exam, the hot brunette proctor wouldn’t stop making eye contact and playing with my passport. Basically forgot about the exam until about ten minutes in. I think there was a question or two about some stocks and bonds, but idk, just wrote “weed is tight” a thousand times for all my answers, and 4 months later the institute sent me my charter. Couldn’t have worked out any better really - especially after I noticed that same proctor wrote her phone number in my passport.

Your experience wasn’t like this?

In my country I am struggling to find people who actually heard about this designation.

And those few who did think it is some exam for FX traders.


so you can work at your country’s financial regulatory authority then. are they corrupt?

Probably because you are in that environment where everyone almost has CFA, and your mind ignores other mere people who don’t have this designation. Psychology.

Availability bias

Ever heard a story about driving a red car?

People in my country even find it hard to pronounce it… not to mention I’m in a banking sector…

That’s sad…

I was not getting enough attention.

I remember you’re from Canada right? Not sure which city you’re in but I am surrounded with CFAs at work and I’m not even in TOR or MTL. I think Canada has the highest CFA per capita.

India too have highest number of cfa Members.

But not per capita.