cfa holders

are they inherently smarter than the average person? Or is it just that they are more Driven than everyone else?

Well I have never been known for my intelligence, so average person can do this. Oh, I am not holder just yet…when will my letter come?

Zigy, I’m sure you are intelligent. I notice that some people get more attention from teachers/parents for their intelligence, and others that are just as bright fly under the radar. If you pass all 3 levels, you are intelligent, and you must be thankfull that you can fly under the radar (why do you think that all the great traders in the world are NOT on cnbc?)

Thanks, BosyBillups. But only reason that I passed exams is that I put a lot of time to study…no kidding. I am more known for grit and 6 packs on my stomach. By the way, I was a trader, too. I was fine then sucked in the end, after they introduced decimalization.

“are they inherently smarter than the average person?” We are “Or is it just that they are more Driven than everyone else?” That too. Willy

i ask because i am somewhat insecure of my knowledge in finance,and at the same time i look up to those who have their charters (and i aspire to gain it someday). i did not come from a top school, nor do i have a background in finance (at all,other than that i work in a bank)… I am thinking that there cannot be anything that other people have learned or achieved that I cannot, if I put in the effort to learn/achieve it-- but although I do not think i’m dumb, i am not a rocket scientist by any stretch. so i guess my question is: is being driven enough? or do you have to be at some level of genius?

no rocket science, many combinations of ‘smart’ and ‘dedicated’ should work…

I’d say smarter than average. Please don’t forget what “average” entails. The average person is an idiot. The average CFA charterholder is not - or is at least a slightly more educated and motivated idiot.

>slightly more educated and motivated idiot. LOL…I like that…because that is exactly what I am!!