CFA I classes


I want to ask whether i need to join any classes for lovel 1 or i the syllabus can be covered by self study? Please suggest me with clarity, i need real help.

I Suggest you take classes, im on self study for CFA Level 1 - June 2016, and cant find anyone to study with which is really hard.

If i can afford the classes i wouldve taken them.

So if you can, take them.

And Good Luck

Do you have a finance background?

Depends on your background. Please elaborate

Yes, i am having finance background

hey abhijit, even though u have a finance background, it is advisable to join classes for level 1 as it is the base. for level 2 and 3 u can study on your own. best of luck!!!

Thanks and which notes are you referrring for your studies?