CFA I- Order of study

I have signed up for the CFA I exam for December and have currently logged about 50-75 hours (a little behind schedule), and would like to know what order everyone else is studying. I started with the ethics section which I now know pretty well. I have been working in the financial planning industry for only a year and also have done some minor accounting work. I am not sure which book I should start studying next. I have heard very varied opinions from friends and online sources of people who have passed. What order is everyone studying in?

I’d stick to the order of the books. It really doesn’t matter though. Pick any from Quant, Econ, FRA…

Ive followed the order of the books. Seems to work pretty well.

^ +1

I followed the order of the books with 2 exceptions. I started with econ, did ethics last, and didn’t really study quant. Ironically I got >70 in quant. There is really nothing to be gained by jumping around and starting at a random point. I did ethics last simply because it required more reading and repetition and I figured I wouldn’t remember it if I read it first.

I started with FRA, then Economics. Since those are topics I struggle with I am giving myself plenty of time to review as I cover new material. Now I am doing Corp fin, alts, then quant for last so I retain it all. I am pretty solid in those subjects so I do not need as mch time to review. But I am still giving myself a month for review all of the topics. I think the order of study definitely makes a difference. It’s easy to get burned out. Starting with the harder topics and continually reviewing is working for me. But I guess I will know for sure in January.

My routine for studying was I started off with Fixed Income, Quantitative Methods, FRA, Corporate Finance, Portfolio, Equity, Derivatives, Alternate Investments, Ethics and Economics.

It will take a miracle at this point to pass the exam. You waited too long to study the material…at the rate you’re going it would take you an additional 850 hrs or approximately 60 hrs a week of study to go through the material with no review, the review process is as critical for success as is the actual study of the material. I would go to the level 2 and 3 forums to get an idea of what it takes to pass the exams. The level 2’s and 3’s are pretty frank and realistic about what it takes to pass the exams. If one has limited experience in Investment Management, you’ll need at LEAST 6 or more months of study to pass the exam which should include a 4 to 6 week review prior to the exam date. Please think about what I just wrote…if one needs 4 to 6 weeks of review you would need to study approximately 80 to 85 hours a week to meet that criteria. Not realistic if you’re working full time. W

You’re fine, just keep plowing through. Look at the topic weights on the CFA institute website. Go through FRA next then decide whats next from there.